Books by Freeman Ng

Bridge Across The Sky

Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Fall 2024)

A Young Adult novel-in-verse about the Chinese immigration experience through Angel Island in the early 1900's.

The House We Sheltered In
and The Masks We Wore

Three Daughters Press

A pandemic picture book

Basho's Haiku Journeys

Stone Bridge Press

A haiku picture book

Who Am I?

Three Daughters Press

A personalizable picture book


Neal Porter Books (Autumn 2027)

A picture book about gravitational waves — and friendship.

The Haunted States of America

Laura Godwin Books (Summer 2024)

I wrote the California entry in this anthology of Middle Grade ghost stories from every state.

“Among the most accomplished narratives are…Freeman Ng's ‘The Ghost of Angel Island’…”

Kirkus Reviews


Three Daughters Press

A novel of Joan of Arc

Our Long National Nightmare

Three Daughters Press

A parody of Dilbert satirizing Dilbert creator Scott Adams' baffling support for Donald Trump, the quintessential pointy-haired boss.

A collection of daily strips that covered the period from September 2018 through January 2021.

The Shape a Wing Makes

Three Daughters Press

Poems by Fran Claggett-Holland paired with art by Freeman Ng.

Poetry And Terror

Lexington Books

A discussion with Peter Dale Scott about his groundbreaking book-length poem, Coming To Jakarta.