Books by Freeman Ng

Bridge Across The Sky

Athenum Books for Young Readers (Fall 2024)

A Young Adult novel-in-verse about the Chinese immigration experience through Angel Island in the early 1900's.

The House We Sheltered In
and The Masks We Wore

Three Daughters Press

A pandemic picture book

Basho's Haiku Journeys

Stone Bridge Press

A haiku picture book

Who Am I?

Three Daughters Press

A personalizable picture book


Neal Porter Books (Autumn 2027)

A picture book about gravitational waves — and friendship.

The Haunted States of America

Laura Godwin Books (Summer 2024)

I wrote the California entry in this anthology of Middle Grade ghost stories from every state.


Three Daughters Press

A novel of Joan of Arc

Our Long National Nightmare

Three Daughters Press

A parody of Dilbert satirizing Dilbert creator Scott Adams' baffling support for Donald Trump, the quintessential pointy-haired boss.

A collection of daily strips that covered the period from September 2018 through January 2021.

The Shape a Wing Makes

Three Daughters Press

Poems by Fran Claggett-Holland paired with art by Freeman Ng.

Poetry And Terror

Lexington Books

A discussion with Peter Dale Scott about his groundbreaking book-length poem, Coming To Jakarta.