No Comments on Revolution

There's a lot of talk in progressive circles about "The Revolution." This was especially prevalent during the Bernie Sanders campaign. Some progressives had the idea that all that stood between us and Paradise was something so artificial that we could break through it with a single presidential victory. Unfortunately, the actual elephant in the room is far more substantial: the inconvenient truth that there are more conservatives than there are liberals in this country. And that true progressives are an even smaller minority within the left.

A revolution in a country that is divided roughly evenly is not so much a revolution as a civil war. And a revolution in which your side is a small minority (however in the right you might be) is not even so much a civil war, as a coup.

It would be great if the makeup of the population were such that the current sad state of affairs could only be due to some externally imposed constraint that could be revolted against. But it's also very likely that if it were, no real revolution would be necessary. We would simply be there.

This has been a "Politake," a brief take on politics by Freeman Ng.