Summer/Autumn News

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Voices For Joan

I've decided to self publish my novelization of the life of Joan of Arc in Summer of 2014. Help me build up my mailing list in preparation for the big release and win signed copies of the book! Enter the Voices For Joan contest here.

The Wineskin Project

All the Gospel plays for the Fall quarter are now available for download from the Wineskin Project website. Over the summer, churches not only used them as Sunday School curriculum and Bible study readings, but also performed them as part of their main services. If you're a member of a church, check these plays out and think about how your church might be able to use them in the coming quarter!

Haiku Diem

In July, I completed three years of posting daily haiku at – and then continued right on into Year Four! You can receive each day's haiku through Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, or RSS. You can also purchase a book collection of the best haiku from the first year of Haiku Diem, illustrated by four wonderful artists. Book collections for Year Two and Year Three are also on their way!